Monday, October 26, 2015

Dragons Love Tacos! And Halloween!

As a surprise to the boys this past Saturday, we took them to a play in the city based on the children's picture book Dragons Love Tacos! by Adam Rubin.  The play was good - Sean was really engaged. Gretchen acted like it was beneath her but I think she liked it too.  She likes the book but acknowledges that it's for "kids".  She's ten going on twenty. 

 After going to the play, we enjoyed some Lou Malnati's before heading over to Maggie Daley Park for the Inaugural Chicago Halloween Gathering event.  The kids got to be in a children's costume procession on the ribbon and then afterwards we hit the stations and played in the park.  We had time to kill before the evening Halloween parade so we went to Gretchen's favorite place in the city:  Crown Fountain. The parade was good but we had exhausted all of our energy reserves by the time to got going.  We'll have to head out later next year.  In general it was one of the busiest weekends I've planned in a while.  I need a vacation from my weekend!

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