Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Blahs

Some of you have asked when I am going to update the blog. I know – I have been slow to post updates. I am taking two classes this quarter and I have been swamped. I keep reminding myself how this is worth it since I will be finished with graduate school in June. Winter's death grip on us has not helped either. The view from my desk at work is a hill of snow. I think soon I will not see anything else.

Anyway, we are doing well. We have been working on potty training but she is just not ready. We are ready but she is not. Very soon, we will be transitioning to a toddler bed so I think that it will help to feel like a big girl. We are getting a little stir crazy being inside all the time so we have taken Gretchen to the mall a few times to run around and ride the carousel they have there. She especially likes the boats at Bass Pro Shops. When it is warm enough, we go outside so play in the snow but Gretchen has a love/hate relationship with the snow. Like most toddlers, her likes and dislikes change with the wind! Especially when it comes to eating…. I am continually flummoxed by Gretchen’s food preferences since she does not like the same thing from day to day. You still have to offer her everything you are eating because MAYBE today she will eat it. Of course, when she says to me “Mommy you’re pretty” I forgive all of these little grievances.

We are looking forward to spring! Easter will be here before you know it! I posted a new video and some recent pictures if you are interested!