Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Talk Much?

Gretchen got a note home from school yesterday indicating she talked so much at school that the teacher asked us to talk to her about it.  Oh boy.... I was a talker too so I'm sure she got that from me.  The day before, at the first girl scout meeting of the year, she showcased this attribute for me and her troop leader by cutting her off and talking over the other girls.  Sigh.... what do you do with a talkative child?  Steve gently got her to be quiet for five minutes.  He handled it much better than I did... It's times like these when I wish my mom were alive so I could hear how she handled me!

Monday, September 12, 2011


She finally got her gi!
We did our best to keep the kids busy this summer.   I tried very hard to get Gretchen to take dance again but she refused.  While she liked doing the show, it was not enough to motivate her to do it again.  It turns out she's not like a lot of little girls we met in dance who love the spotlight.  She liked the make up and the outfit but just not enough to go to dance every week.....  I told her she had to do something so she decided she wanted to try karate.  After a lackluster round with soccer last summer, I was hesitant to throw a lot of money into karate stuff.  I resisted all summer to buy her a gi (the white karate/martial arts uniform) until I was sure she really wanted to keep going.  So she finally got a gi for the fall session of karate.  I am impressed with the instructors at ISKC especially Sensei Martel who is teaching Gretchen's class.  They seem to have a good approach at teaching children and from what I understand adults as well.  Gretchen's OT thinks it 's good for her too so I am hoping she keeps it up.