Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Camp

This year Gretchen is doing a YMCA camp.  We wanted to try something where she would be swimming a lot, trying new things (like boating, archery, etc) so we sent her to a camp that some friends recommended.  She was nervous about it and excited.  She worried that she wouldn't have any friends there (which in truth she doesn't have any existing friends there but she's making new ones).  Like most camps, they have a theme every day and so she feels involved, I am making extra effort to have stuff for the theme.  So far she has done archery and a lot of swimming!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happiness is a Warm Pool

June hasn't proved to be hot quite yet but the pool we had at our hotel in St Louis was warm.  We gave the kids a choice of going back to Six Flags or stay in the pool.  The pool won hands down... Hee

This is a Roller Coaster Summer

Gretchen has moved up in the world - she can now ride a lot more interesting rides including the Viper and the American Eagle at Six Flags.  As season pass holders at Six Flags we decided to maximize our passes and visit Six Flags St Louis.  Gretchen could ride every roller coaster but two of them.  It was very hot the day we went but so we hit a few water rides as well.  The only bad thing about St Louis was there was no Whizzer type roller coaster that under 40" set could ride.  Evan had to stick to the baby rides and other smaller rides.  He wasn't thrilled about it but we did our best to find things for him to do.  Sean could also ride a bunch of things so two out of three kids were pretty happy!

American Thunder at Six Flags St Louis