Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My poor poor baby

Some of you know already but I thought I should send something out since I can't call all of you. Gretchen was sick over Thanksgiving weekend. Steve took her in on Monday to sick call. Because her blood oxygen saturation was low (87), they sent her to the Emergency Room. After they ran some tests and x-rays, it turns out she has pneumonia and RSV (respiratory virus). So.... we have spent the last few days at Lake Forest Hospital with her hoping she improves. They have her on a few different antibiotics (on an IV), a steroid to help relax her airways, nebulizer treatments every 2 hours and oxygen. She is improving but not as quickly as was hoped. The pneumonia got worse so it has impeded her progress. We're hoping she can come home on Friday. Steve and I are taking shifts during the day (trying to nap a few hours at home) but we're both spending the night in her room. We're holding up well though it was hard to wrap our brains on how serious it is. We're doing good so just keep Gretchen in your prayers.