Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Haunted Trail

Our community has a bonfire and haunted trail for the Halloween season.  My girl scout troop wanted to participate in it this year so we volunteered to take a spot on the trail to "scare" or entertain trail walkers.  Of course, most of the troop did not want to be real scary so we pitched them some ideas and they picked Dia de los Muertos which to them was an adequate theme since skull faces were involved.  We got a professional to do our make up (Fabulous Faces by Brooke!) and it was quite the success!  We got a lot of compliments on the make up and costumes (I got ponchos from Goodwill).  Next year the girls want to do it again only be scary!  Sigh....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Chica Kitty

Steve and I had been thinking that if we want another cat (our Lolo passed away in March) that we should do it while the Carlos is still a puppy and not full grown.  The pet store had a female kitten who was fostered in a home with dogs and was used to them.  We put in for adoption of her and was able to bring her home this week.  We named her Chica which is in line with Spanish names that all of our pets have had.  Other names we considered was Montse (mon-say) or Paloma but Chica was easier for the kids to say and so it stuck.  She is a sweet little kitty who reminds us a lot of our Pepa kitty who died five years ago.  She is curious and brave and may be messing with the dog a little.  He's been chasing her so we're hoping that he calms down soon and gets used to her.  Quique, our old man kitty (he's 17) is indifferent but she doesn't love him too much.  She avoids him more than the dog.  With 2 cats, a dog and a fish, it is quite the zoo in our house!