Monday, May 11, 2009

Gretchen's First Show

On Mother's Day this year, I got tickets to Elmo Grows Up and took Gretchen as a surprise. I didn't tell her until we got to the theater. Big Bird talked to the audience overhead and she got really excited about the show. I guess hearing Big Bird talk made her realize that we were really going to see the puppets. The usher told her Elmo was taking a nap before the show and would be up soon. She told everyone around us about that..... I am so relieved we waited to take her. It seems like every year there is a Sesame Street show and we have resisted the urge to take her until she could handle it. There were a lot of kids younger than her there AND there was a lot of crying, fussing, and general unhappiness around us. I suspect some of those kids were too young to sit still for an hour or so. However not Gretchen - she was engaged and paid close attention. I bought the CD to the show and we listened on the way home. She was singing along - I am hoping the CD helps keep the memory in her head. We also got a $10 mylar Elmo balloon (sheesh!) because I am a sucker. She loved it though and has been carrying it room to room since we got home. I declare it was worth it!