Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sing it Mama

Gretchen has been a lot more musical of late. For Christmas we got her a music set with a tambourine, jingle bells and other noisemakers. Between the instruments and her little songs, I think we may end up with a musical child (Joy!). The down side is that I don't know the words to enough kid songs. I wanted to avoid teaching her stuff like the Oscar Meyer bologna song but I ended teaching her the baby bumble bee song (I know version 1 and 3) . I am not sure which is worse. She loves the part where we squish up the baby bumble bee - when we get to that part, she yells out "Sing it Mama!". I might as well teach her Little Bunny Fufu! Sigh.... Did I mention we've taught her Borat quotes ("the suit is not black!")?