Monday, April 9, 2007

March Marches On

Well, we started the month with the stomach flu – Gretchen hardly suffered, Steve and I were sick as dogs. Sigh…. A few days later, Gretchen dozed off at daycare, fell off her chair and split her chin open. She got her first set of stitches. Poor thing! Gretchen’s vocabulary is multiplying daily. She remembers so many words now and uses them appropriately. Her personality is really starting to show now. Along with all the fun stuff with Gretchen, we are also starting to see some tantrums now when she cannot get want she wants or can’t verbalize properly what she wants. Luckily, a random “Hi Daddy” or funny song (she makes all kinds of little noises) makes up for all of the little tantrums.

We finished up the month with a little home improvement. We replaced the carpet that was
flooded and tiled my bathroom (Steve did all the work). Hopefully by the end of April, we’ll have new flooring in the foyer and kitchen/family room!
I did post some new pictures for March so check them out!