Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little Kids Party

Gretchen had a nice kids party on July 11th. The theme was bugs so that the little boys in her class would be interested too. Almost all of the kids were shy coming into the party, gripping their parents' hands or legs but after awhile they warmed up. We had pizza, fruit salad and cake which was enjoyed by all. The kids did a craft where they painted a flower pot and then they colored butterflies. After that, the kids ate and sat for a rendition of the Hungry Caterpillar. Finally, they did a few games: one was find the bugs in the grass and the other was pin the bug on the flower. We ate cake and everyone went home. It was a quick and chaotic one and a half but I think the kids enjoyed themselves. Corralling Gretchen was difficult so I went to each child and passed out their goody bags. I love the big eyes widening as they realize you are giving them something (at least while it's innocent!). This weekend is the boys birthday party at home. We're not doing a "theme" or anything but I hope the weather is warm for swimming! Pictures of Chuck E Cheese and the bug party are posted here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's 4 today

Our little girl is four years old. I can hardly believe it.... Where did the time go? It took all year to train her fingers to show three and now she's gotta learn 4 (it should be easier). For her birthday, we got snacks for her class at school. Tonight we're going to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate her birthday and then Saturday she's having a kids party at the park district (the theme is "bug party"). Since we're a party at the house for the boys, I wanted her to feel special today for her birthday.... I think she will!