Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gretchenpalooza is over

Saturday was quite a day! We had 14 adults, 8 kids, and 3 babies celebrating Gretchen's 2nd birthday. Temperatures hit the 90's but at least we had the pool to cool off. We ate good (chicken kabobs, shrimp skewers, ribs, pasta salad, potato salad, etc) and had just enough cake for everyone. Gretchen burst into tears when we started signing Happy Birthday but she warmed up a bit once we got the the presents! Everyone was so generous and patient as she opened each gift. We cannot have gotten a better day and party for our little one! Now that it's over, we are hitting the road to North Cacalaka (Carolina)!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July

We took Gretchen to a parade on the 4th of July so she could see the fire trucks and marching bands.
She enjoyed it immensely!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On the Brink

Time for our June update!

Our toddler will be two but the tantrums have already started. Don’t get me wrong – she is a wonderful child especially around everyone but us. Since the ear tube surgery, Gretchen’s vocabulary has quadrupled. She is speaking in partial sentences; she is singing songs, it’s amazing. She has not, however, mastered answering questions. For example: Gretchen wants some Goldfish crackers. She goes to the counter and points to them. She will say “Goldfish” and “puhleeze” I give her the crackers but when she wants more, she refuses to say what she wants more of. “What do you want more of Gretchen?”; Answer: More, more. “More what?” Answer: Mommy? Mommy. Mommy! That’s her new favorite word. She says Mommy about 20 times an hour. Like it’s a question. Over and over again. Though she now says “What?” a lot because that’s what I say when she says Mommy.

Back to the tantrums: Gretchen has started throwing little fits when I want to change her diaper or stop her from pulling a piece of furniture on her self. Most of the time she can be distracted or consoled but sometimes accidents happen like a chipped tooth. It breaks my heart to see anything happen to my little baby so there is a little piece of me (very small) that is looking forward to when she can better articulate what she needs and wants. While it may not take away tantrums and disappointment, I would at least know what I’m saying no to.

Luckily, Gretchen is a happy child most of the time! Compared to last year, she is definitely enjoying the swimming pool. We started this season in a little round float with a basket seat for her but after a few days in that, Gretchen wanted her freedom. She doesn’t seem to show any fear of the water which is of course making me fearful. I bought her this little boat for the pool that she likes. However she likes jumping out of it too! I don’t mind holding her in the water though she spends half the time struggling to get out of my arms. The pool makes her tired and makes for a good nap afterwards…..for the entire house.

Next week is her 2nd birthday and we’re have a small party. I invited as many kids as I could think of – she likes being around other kids so it should be fun. Hopefully we don’t get rained on!

Have a great 4th of July holiday! Check out her June pictures and videos!