Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Growing Up

Gretchen has a friend across the street who is also in second grade.  While she has always lived across the street, they have just started playing together on a regular basis in the last 18 months or so.  Anyway, the girl across the street got her training wheels taken off recently from her bike.  She and Gretchen were riding a week ago and it made Gretchen want to take her training wheels off.  Steve told her we need to work at it and she did!  Gretchen can be hard to consistently motivate but she REALLY wanted those wheels off.  She has been riding whenever she gets a chance with Steve.  He has been great with her, riding his bike all over the neighborhood.  I don't like bragging but this is a moment where I am just so proud of her for working so hard at it.  She got her wheels taken off a few days ago and has been riding with Steve all over our town.  Now..... if I can get her to feel this way about math and reading! 

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