Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girl Scouts!

Last weekend, Gretchen and I attended an area wide girl scout camp out in Juniper Knoll Camp (East Troy WI).  I haven't been to a camp like this in 25 years but oddly enough it did not seem to have changed much!  We stayed in a lodge and slept on mats on the floor.  It was very crowded with about 25 girls and 11 adults so there was a real incentive to keep busy and out of the lodge.  There were a bunch of craft stations and activities for the girls to do.  They enjoyed letterboxing (it's a cross between geocaching and a scavenger hunt) and performing in the talent show.  I did pretty good energy wise but sleeping on the floor really hurt.  I mean really. hurt.  Even Gretchen was not happy....

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