Friday, May 6, 2011

Aloha my friends

The school year is winding down and Gretchen is about to graduate from Kindergarten.  We are very excited for her and I'm of course scared since she won't be going to private school but our local public elementary so it will all be new for us as well. New teachers, new routines, etc. etc.  We have been working this winter to get Gretchen evaluated by the district for special education services since she has visual motor integration problems that really impact her current schoolwork and confidence.  She told her teachers that her eyes don't work like the other kids' eyes (that made me sad somehow).  I think she needs more help that we are currently getting (30 sessions a year of OT).   She is doing well in dance - her big recital is coming up June 5th!  Graduation is June 2nd so the next month will be a busy one.  I think we will be able to relax a bit around June 7th......

I started planning her birthday party and she has selected a Luau theme.  I let her pick out the decorations and goody bag things.  We have set the party for July 9th so mark it on the calendar.  It should be fun.  I bought her a Hawaiian dress on eBay and she is quite smitten.  She picked out a grass skirt too so she can be a hula girl!

Looking forward to summer and all the fun it brings!

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