Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I believe in him!

This was the year that Santa really sunk into Gretchen's psyche in my opinion.  She "got it" last year (at age four) but this year she seemed really sure.  More than once she said to me "I believe in him" and would point at the Santa snow globe on our table.  It was very, very busy five or six weeks.  Gretchen was in a school program, a dance recital and a church Christmas pageant.  We spent a lot of our holiday break doing Gretchen stuff - we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and the Art Institute.  We baked cookies and made ornaments for gifts.  We saw Santa at the Lions Pancake Breakfast.  We played in the snow.  We watched lots of holiday movies and cartoons.  We sang carols and took lots of pictures.  Not that previous years were bad but this was the first year I think she's really going to remember.  She is going to connect swedish meatballs and tamales to Christmas.  She knows Tres Leches cake is only for New Years.  She will expect to go to a museum or similar institution over the holiday break.  She'll know this time of years means fun!  The boys aren't quite there yet but when they are, Gretchen will be an old pro!  Hope everyone had a great holiday!  There are links to pictures and videos on the blog.

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Pilar said...

Adorable! Please keep sending me Gretchen's World updates!