Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

A few weeks ago I took Gretchen to Six Flags' water park since we had not yet seen it. I have to say I was impressed. As a kid, water parks were one of my favorite things to do. My mother was a sun worshiper so we visited water parks in WI, FL, etc. or wherever we were on vacation. So... as water parks go, I think Six Flags did a nice job. The layout and maps showing what age each area is appropriate for was very useful. Gretchen and I stayed mainly at Skull Island though some of the slides I thought we a bit much for her. Before we left to visit Wiggles, we took a trip on the lazy river. Gretchen and I have done the lazy river at an indoor water park in WI so she wanted to do this one. I think the lack of moving made her cold because she was shivering after that. Overall Gretchen enjoyed it immensely. Every day this week (because it is hot out now) she has asked me when can we go back to Skull Island? The only down side was $11 a day lockers (Yikes!). While I didn't take any pictures that day, I posted some pictures from Father's Day online.

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