Monday, June 4, 2007

May Day

So busy this month - the ear infection, the tubes, etc kept us very busy.
It's been a month since she had the tubes put in and it shows. Gretchen is talking so much more now and we can understand her better (she can understand us better!). This month she really put a lot of words together. And she is absorbing everything we say so it's starting to get tricky. Steve and I have started spelling words or saying them in Spanish so she can't understand us. If the word ice cream gets mentioned out loud, Gretchen starts chanting it on the way to the freezer. It doesn't help that I got an ice cream maker so I guess it's my fault. We finally saw the end of the flooring issues - our laminate was installed in the family room and kitchen. It looks great! Of course we want new cabinents now but maybe next year. Memorial Day was busy - the pool was opened, the grill got a work out and Gretchen of course spent as much time outside as we would let her! Here are the pictures of our little blondie from May.

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