Monday, November 3, 2014

Girl Power

It was a bitter cold Halloween and Gretchen had these plans to go with her friends trick or treating. I had offered up to go if her friend's parents were not going and with temps of 35 degrees they were not.  I layered up and put on a hat and we went.  We took the boys around the block and they got the opportunity to go with their friends on the block.  Once Evan's bucket was full, he wanted to go home so we dropped them off and headed over to another girl's house that Gretchen new.  The three of them plus her friend's little sister and grandma along with me were out the rest of the evening.  Gretchen has never wanted to walk too far on Halloween so I didn't think she would fair well in the cold this year but something about being with your friends, you just don't care.  We were outside for three hours and not until the end did she complain about sore feet and coldness.  I enjoyed listening to her be a girl.

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