Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Camp Blues

Gretchen has a bad track record with her things.  I know this and she knows this.  Last summer we went through countless containers of lost sun block, bug spray, bathing suits, etc.  It drove me insane.  I promised myself this summer I would be more relaxed about it!  And that lasted about a week.....  She has been in summer camp for two weeks.  The first week she lost the new can of sun block and found it but when it came back home on day 4 it was completely empty.  So I put in a tube of lotion sun block and a half full can.  The tube is gone.  She can home with a tick last week which Steve quickly removed but it freaked her out so know she is using the bug repellent.  I already had a can of Off in her bag and Steve added a tube of Repel which is now gone.  Monday she went to camp with a hoodie.  It has yet to come back.  When we ask her to look for it, her response is outrage.  "How am I supposed to remember all that?"  I offered a reward if we could go 5 days in a row without losing anything but that did not garner a lot of excitement.  Today I told her the next tube of bug repellent or sun block will be paid for out of her piggy bank.  She was not happy which made me happy - maybe, just maybe, I can get her attention.  I think that makes me a bad parent but I am at a loss on how to handle....

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