Monday, April 2, 2012

My pet shark

We took the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo and to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for spring break.  We are kind of spoiled by Brookfield Zoo so it was hard to love the Indy Zoo but there were a few things that kind of wowed us.  The boys loved the roller coaster but Gretchen really got into their shark exhibit where kids could actually touch the sharks in this giant pool.  We went to the exhibit twice since it was her favorite.  All of us got a chance to touch the sharks!  Their desert exhibit was pretty cool too.  It is in a giant biodome so the whole thing is about 80 degrees in there and dry.  Of course, after walking all day at the zoo and the next day at the museum, the kids still wanted to go swimming in the hotel pool.  The water was kind of cold so Gretchen kept asking to go to the hot tub.  I let Steve go with her most of the time because those things make my legs feel rubbery and woozy.  She did not seem to be affected though!  It was a good trip overall.  We plan on going to Six Flags in St. Louis this summer so now Gretchen wants to know how long until that trip and will our hotel be as good as the suite we got this time and are we going to swim there and what else are we going to do in St. Louis and on and on and on.......

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