Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Time at the Taste!

I try to schedule some time for just me and Gretchen every summer.  Usually we hit Great America or the Children's Museum but this year we did something different...  I took her to the Taste of Chicago.  We parked in Skokie and took the train (CTA not Metra) into the city.  She was very excited... We got to the city too early for the taste so we hit Harold Washington's library.  Gretchen's eyes popped open at the size of it.  The children's wing/section was larger than the library in our town.  I think we could have spent more time there but she was hungry.  I didn't push her too hard on being adventurous but she did pretty good for a five year old.  She had Italian ice (duh...), egg rolls, pizza, pad thai, chocolate covered banana, cheesecake and ribs.  Steve was close by at a training so he joined us for lunch.  Between the three of us we had a good variety of food.  After that we headed over to the place I promised months ago we could revisit:  the water fountain/glass block sculptures on Michigan Ave by the Art Institute. 
I had to beg Gretchen not to get all wet but she still kind of did... Her and at least a dozen other kids....  She wanted to come back the next day but I had to say no....


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