Thursday, September 16, 2010

Test Your Limits

Gretchen is doing okay in her new Kindergarten class.  The teachers have already noticed how hard it is to get her to write.  She is very stubborn and needs to be coached.  We are going to make her write more regularly at home but she is very stubborn.  She is also testing out the disciplinary limits at school.  They go "on deck" (which really means time out) for not listening, telling the teacher no, talking too much, etc.  For more serious infractions, they go from Green to Yellow to Red.  This week Gretchen has been on deck every day.  Last night I asked her why she can't be a good listener at school. She said "Mommy, I would but I have to do what my head tells me to." Later she told me "and sometimes, it tells me to do bad stuff". Sigh.....

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