Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PreK Graduation

It has been awhile since I posted - it seems like March was just yesterday.  To recap the last few months, Gretchen has been improving her fine motor skills in occupational therapy.  Her writing is getting better - she has written actual words!  Her PreK teachers met with me again and indicated she will be ready to go to Kindergarten in the fall.  She will have her work cut out for her but it was encouraging to hear that they saw improvement in her!

The rewards program has helped with some behavior issues we were having over the winter.  She gets to pick the rewards herself with our final approval of course.  This past weekend she wanted to camp outside since twice we camped inside.  I was asking myself how I get suckered into this stuff when Steve started dragging out the camping gear.  Gretchen started jumping up and down and getting excited about the prospect of sleeping outside.  It was a good reminder for both of us about why we go along with some of these family activities!

Last night was Gretchen's graduation from PreK.  Her daycare school puts on a program for all of the classes as they graduate to the next room.  Gretchen will be going there for private full day kindergarten so we are excited about that!  The theme of the program last night was "Under the Sea" so the kids did songs about the sea and dressed in Hawaiian beach attire.  You can check it out on Youtube if you're interested!

Gretchen has grown this year - both in leg and torso length!  She used to fit the same size as her age but now we're buying bigger because it's less likely to be too small.  It's hard for me to see her so grown up already but exciting at the same time because she can do so much more with us! 

Since this is her fifth birthday next month, we will be having a big kids party on July 11th for her with a bounce house and swimming.  We're probably not doing a big party for the boys this year but likely a summer party early August!  I'll send invites soon!

P.S.  As usual, new pictures and videos are posted to Flickr and the blog.

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