Tuesday, March 16, 2010


While Sean and Evan are keeping us busy, we try to make sure Gretchen doesn't lose out on quality time with us.  Steve and I both have different ways of doing it but we strive for one on one time with her when we can.  For example Steve took Gretchen skiing last month.  He did not ski at all, just watched her class.  She seemed to like it and stayed for the entire class unlike other sports classes we've done where she has wanted to leave 10 minutes before it was over. 

Steve and I also take switch off each night on who does bedtime so the kids never get used to one person all the time.  I use bedtime as a time to chat a little and goof off a little with my daughter.  One of these chats was a little argument about what she would like to be called.  I call her cutie pie, cute stuff, cutey, etc but she doesn't like it.  She wants to hear pretty which I oblige most times.  This one particular night I asked her what she would like to be called if not cute.  She paused for a moment and thought about it.  With wide eyes she looked at me and said:  exquisite.  I asked her where she learned that word but she couldn't remember.  I have yet to work that into a sentence since it doesn't flow off the tongue so easily but I'm working on it.  She is after all, my exquisite little pretty beauty..... nah, that needs work!

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